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This is the new home of the Frostgrave Warband Manager. Log in to create and manage your Frostgrave warband. This tool is 100% free to use. Click here to find out more.


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Module Status

  • Core game
  • Thaw of the Lich Lord
  • Sellsword
  • Into the breeding Pits
  • Dark Alchemy
  • Forgotten pacts
  • Spellcaster issue one
Help keep this project alive.

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Frostgrave Warband Manager updates

A quick heads up to let everyone know that at some point soon (maybe within a week or so) the site will be taken down for a period of time to allow for some updates. 
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The My Club page should be available to all users now regardless of donation status. Go ahead and add your local club to the map. I will eventually get round to designing a full page for each club too, honest!
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Below is a list of priorities for the remainder of the functionality. Once these are done the warband manager is complete. I may look at adding additional functionality such as Images for units or other stuff that may be helpful but I have additional plans for the website to make...
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